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About ORIN
The Bathroom Sanitary Ware Specialist
Orin was established in 2003. As a brand supplying bathroom sanitary wares to over 20 countries
worldwide, the brand values technology, quality, design, and sustainability and focuses on bringing
in products that provide comfort, modern features, and aesthetics in design.
Inspired by the tagline “Sanctuary of Indulgence”, Orin believes that the bathroom is a personal space
for relaxation and believes in creating a sanctuary of comfort with its products and design where one
can enjoy the aesthetics and solace while the innovative features will help improve the quality of life.
Orin’s line of sanitary ware that includes water closets, faucets, basins, bathtubs, and other bathroom
accessories combines smart home technology and European designs.
As part of the Niro Ceramic Group of companies, Orin will be the preferred choice of bathroom sanitary
ware as it is sanctioned by excellent product designs and superior quality while supported by innovative
marketing support, efficient customer care, and logistics management.