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PREMTEX, for the ultimate in luxury bathrooms…
Since the inception of PREMTEX in 1993, the brand has come a long way.
Constantly evolving with the market, PREMTEX has since emerged as a leader in
high-quality bathroom fixtures.
Maintaining a philosophy of finesse, practicality and superior design, PREMTEX
consistently meets the demands of those who appreciate the importance of
both style and substance in the home.
At PREMTEX, relentlessly pursuing perfection is our greatest strength. Superb
craftsmanship and manufacturing processes utilising the finest Italian casting
machineries, coupled with strict quality control, ensures we produce products of
unwavering quality. Through a combination of European made cartridges and
aerators beneath the brilliant chrome finished brass body of each tap fitting,
PREMTEX are proud to bring you the ultimate in luxury bathroom products.
However, being a product of fine modern engineering is nothing without design
excellence. Setting the bar for a new standard of bathroom luxury, our modern
minimalist products are the result of continuous research and development.
Simple yet progressive, from ultra-modern to elegant classical, our passion for
cutting-edge design and supreme functionality keeps PREMTEX one step ahead
of the latest trends.
With an unrivalled selection of the finest quality fixtures, fittings and
accessories, PREMTEX retains its prestigious reputation as producers of the
ultimate in luxury bathrooms.
Create an unforgettable bathroom experience with PREMTEX.
“Quality design, desired by everyone”